What I am doing now.

Creating a Game

Right now, I am trying to create a roguolike platformer game in Go with the help of Raylib. This is a side project and I do not think that I will finish it this year.

The reason being is, that I try to improve my knowledge about the programming language Go. In addition, I like games and, therefore, I am trying to create a game I would play myself.

The challenge is that everything is randomly generated and I already had a lot of challenges with the level generation.

Creating a course

In addition to developing a game, I am also trying to create a course about Vue.js 3 and better component design. This course included a lot of research about the best practices of component design in Vue.

This course is still in progress and I am still writing the scripts for it.

Creating a custom programming language

This is a list item of my List 100 an I am developing this (for now) interpreter programming language with Go. It should be a simple and easy to use language with pointer features and python like syntax.

Publishing other projects

I have some projects that I have never published. Right now, I am working to release some of them. Obviously, everything is open source and always will be.

Last update: 03 December 2021

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